Whenever you buy a new web hosting account, your payment is processed, your account is created and as automated as the whole process can be, there are always little things that are handled manually. For every virtual or a dedicated server there're even more tasks to be done because these forms of web hosting normally need a manual setup, software installation and configuration, checking the server platform to guarantee that all things are working the way it should, etc. To pay for the expenses for the time and efforts all of these things take, a lot of companies require a one-time installation cost to be paid by their customers on top of the price for the cloud hosting. The charge usually applies to any new hosting account being bought and it's rarely listed on the company’s site, however it appears on the checkout page.

Setup Fee in Cloud Hosting

We never charge anything over the cost of the Linux cloud hosting that you select, therefore you won't be required to pay any sort of set-up charges or any kind of fees except for what you have already found on our front page. We think that being honest to our customers is of key importance to creating a long-term business relationship, that being said we will never expect you to pay obscured charges of any sort, particularly for something that is virtually entirely automatic and usually takes a couple of min to be done by our platform. You will not pay installation charges even if you purchase numerous accounts and they will all be completely active right away, so you will be able to begin taking care of your websites. The total amount that you'll have to pay for each of our plans is the very same that you see on the home page.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server packages are activated without delay and without any additional setup fees. The cost that you'll pay when signing up is exactly the same that you will pay to renew your account the subsequent months and the one that you will see both on our front page and on your bank statement. In case you already have a regular shared web hosting package with our company and you are getting a semi-dedicated server so as to get more power, we will transfer all your data and we will still not charge you anything in addition to the regular monthly cost for the new plan. As the process is virtually completely automatic, we believe that there is no reason to charge you an additional amount of dollars, so the cost that you see on our web site is the total that you will have to pay.

Setup Fee in VPS

Our virtual private server packages do not have setup fees and any concealed charges of any sort. In case you buy such a package, we'll assemble the server, install its Operating System, web server software, MySQL, etc., and we'll supply you with a completely functional device without extra expenses. All you'll have to pay will be the monthly price for the plan you have chosen and that rate will be identical for the subsequent months too. It's our belief that charging you more money for a process that is almost completely automated is unreasonable, that's why the amount you see on our main page is the same as the one that will show up on your bank statement. This is valid even when we transfer one or more sites from a shared hosting account to your brand new virtual server.